Artists Galashow

Melody Nolan

Haven is a dynamic handstand act about the experience of living in a body. In particular, a body which is sometimes adrift in the current and at others surfing the waves. An investigation of the peculiar pleasure of that struggle we all share: how do we cope with ourselves? And who is really in charge?

Børre Isac L'orange & Julian Sæther

Look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you is about how everyday life can easily come in between us and our relationships, where we often find ourselves planning for the future or reminiscing about the past. How can we be reminded to stay present in the moment with our friends & family and enjoy what we currently have?

Meike Schnapper

Meike Schnapper's soon-to-be graduation act from Codarts Circus Arts features a strange creature, a handful of juggling balls and a regular cardboard box. In About a Box, Yuri, a stubborn but excitable creature, wants to have all the juggling balls for itself, but they keep vanishing. While trying to figure out what is wrong, Yuri gets too close to the mysterious box...

Ivar van Woenzel

For his entire life Ivar van Woenzel has practised circus disciplines like juggling, hand to hand or globe. Now he mainly specializes in acro-dance, in which he combines his acrobatic skills with modern- and urban dance styles. Ivar also creates his own music to create immersive atmospheres for the audience to completely dive into his act.

Batist van Baekel

Batist Van Baekel started his circus career at youth circus Circolito and is currently a fourth year student at Codarts Circus Arts. At the gala he will present Les couleurs de la forêt, a work in progress of his graduation act in which he explores the connectivity between the body and the clubs.

Harvey Cobb

Harvey Cobb is sort of a comedian, kind of a juggler, and almost an artist. He learnt to perform on the streets of Newcastle and Edinburgh, and this year he will graduate from Codarts Circus Arts. His work onstage combines honest silliness with absurd darkness and blends ludicrous stand up, gangly physical comedy, and a ludicrous amount of pink rain boots.