Practical info

At this page you will find some practical info on several topics that we thought might be of interest to you. Are you missing information or do you have other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Registration desk / Info point

At the entrance of the festival site you will find a registration desk. Please visit this desk to receive your festival badge, which you will need to enter the rest of the festival site. All pre-ordered merchandise can also be picked up during registration. During the rest of the festival, this desk will also function as the info point. You can visit this desk whenever you have a question about.. well basically anything that is festival related. Besides, here you will find both the workshop board and the volunteering board, where you can sign up for workshops or volunteering jobs.


The NJF would not exist if it wasn't for its volunteers. The festival is organised both for and by jugglers, so we expect every visitor to contribute to the festival one way or another. We therefore expect all visitors to sign up for a volunteering job before receiving their festival badge. This can be done by writing your name on the volunteering board when arriving at the registration desk. If you want to be ensured to claim your favorite volunteering job, you can already sign up for a job via this form (note the tabs)!

Packing list

Don't forget to bring these items to the festival!
  • Proof of registration (should be in your mailbox)
  • Identity card (e.g. driver's licence or passport)
  • Tent + mattress + sleeping bag
  • Tooth brush + pyjamas
  • Plate + cutlery
  • Clothes (including party clothes)
  • Your circus props
  • If you are younger than 18 years: the permission letter signed by your parent/guardian.

Tents, campers and caravans

If you want to stay at the festival overnight, we recommend you bring a tent to put up at the designated camping (shown on the map). The entrance to the camping will be guarded 24/7 during the festival, and it will only be allowed to enter for people who own a festival ticket for that day. Camping tickets are included in the pre-sale tickets for €2,50 per night. At the festival site it is also possible to buy a spot on the camping for €3,50 per night. Campers and caravans are not allowed to be parked on the camping. If you wish to bring your caravan/camper, it can be placed on the parking of the festival site. The parking is not guarded like the camping is, and sleeping in your own vehicle is therefore at your own risk.

Breakfast and dinner

All tickets sold during pre-sale include breakfast and dinner (exept for breakfast on Thursday and dinner on Sunday). It will also be possible to buy separate tickets for breakfast or dinner at the registration desk, although there is only a limited amount of spare food available. In case you have very complicated allergies, and wonder whether the served food will be acceptable, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a list of all ingrediënts for all meals, which we can discuss with you and make sure you will not have to worry about it during the NJF.