What is the NJF?

What is the Dutch Juggling Festival (NJF) really? Good question! Since 1990 people have come together in the Netherlands for their shared interest in juggling and other circus disciplines. The NJF is a four-day festival consisting of learning new tricks, playing games, watching shows and making friends. The location, theme and organisation team change each year but the period remains the same: the NJF always starts on Ascension Thursday and ends the following sunday. In 2024, the NJF will be from the 9th of May until the 12th of May. This time around in Wijchen, the 33rd edition of the NJF will be held. Enough to look back upon, therefore this year the NJF is coated in a vintage sauce. So put on your tracksuit, cover your eyes with old shades to look good for the polaroid!


In 2024 the NJF will take place in Wijchen! Wijchen is a city in the province of Gelderland, near Nijmegen. Sportscenter Arcus accommodates the NJF during four days, day and night! The hall is well connected via public transport: a 20 minute walk separates Arcus from train station Wijchen and there is a bus stop on site named Wijchen, Mozaiek.

Adress: Arcus, Campuslaan 14, 6602 HX Wijchen, The Netherlands


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